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What should I do?

Addressing a student's disruptive behavior(s) can be a challenging task. This page provides information about possible steps you may wish to take.


Identifying A Student in Distress

A student who is experiencing serious difficulties may show the following behavior(s) as clues:

  • Agitated, disruptive or hostile behavior(s)
  • Attempts to control and/or isolate others
  • Excessive bravado toward authority
  • Poor control of emotions or behaviors
  • Threatening language

Helping A Student in Distress

A student may not stop engaging in disruptive behavior(s) merely because he or she may not know that the behavior(s) is concerning to others. It's important to respond to disruptive behavior(s) early. Talking with the student can help him or her identify and cope sooner and more effectively. In many cases, your initial show of concern may be all that is needed to stop the disruptive behavior(s). Talking with the student is the first step.


Using the Texas State Threat Assessment Tree

The purpose of the Threat Assessment Tree is to provide information about how to respond to a range of behaviors, from those that cause general concern about the student to those that require immediate police intervention.


Talking with a Student About the Disruptive Behavior(s):

  • Use discretion when speaking with the student (if you prefer, invite a neutral third party)
  • Do not offer absolute confidentiality
  • Address specific behaviors
  • Listen carefully
  • Express your concern clearly and honestly
  • Note how others are affected
  • Discuss options, suggest strategies and communicate your expected behavior(s) to the student
  • Set up a time for follow-up


Creating a Discussion Plan

  • Clearly describe the student's disruptive behavior(s) using specific examples
  • Allow the student an opportunity to respond
  • Describe and explain your expectations
  • Recommend and/or specify what steps the student can take to achieve the desired behavior(s)
  • If appropriate, schedule a follow-up date and meeting time


Documenting the Student's Disruptive Behavior(s)

The Behavioral Assessment Reporting Form is a standardized online form that lets you document and report the student's disruptive behavior(s). Once submitted, a copy is emailed to you, to the Dean of Students Office, and to the chairperson of the Behavior Assessment Team. You will only be contacted if you request a consultation or if the chairperson has additional questions after reviewing the report.

Scheduling a Consultation

To request a consultation with a member of the Behavior Assessment Team, please complete and submit the Behavioral Assessment Reporting Form or call 512-245-2124.